How to Jumpstart Your Car

If you want to know how to jumpstart your car then there are some simple steps you can take to get your car started without too much trouble. Jumping your car is not a guaranteed process but if you follow the tips given below you will increase the chances of success. Also remember that all car manufacturers have different ways in which they start your car and it may be different for yours. So make sure to check with your car manual first.

Firstly, get your jumper cables out of the car. Remove the battery from your ignition and get all the cables connected. Put each cable onto the terminals on the jumpstart.

Connect the terminals back to the car battery. You should probably connect the jumpstart to a power supply, not the battery. You can use jumper cables if you cannot connect the terminals back to the battery. If the jump drive is installed backwards, then you need to use the set screwdriver to undo the screws from the car battery and connect the cables to the jumpdrive again.

Attach the clamps again to the jumpdrive. Use the same connectors and wires as before. You might need to replace the clamps one or two times depending on the age and lifespan of the cables being used. You could also try putting WD40 lubricant onto the wires. If this doesn’t work you may want to use a soldering iron to heat the connectors up and solder them onto the clamps.

The next step is to remove the battery and check the voltage. If it’s dead, then you will need to use the terminals to reconnect the jumpdrive to the battery. This could take anywhere from five minutes to an hour depending on how much current is using the battery. After you have made sure that the battery is off, disconnect the wires from the clamps and reattach them to the terminals on the jumpstart. Use the same connectors and wires as before.

Then attach the positive terminals to the positive terminals on the battery. If it works, attach the negative terminals to the negative terminals on the battery. Reconnect the wires to their clamps and put everything back together. Your jumpstart should now be working. It is a good chance that your vehicle still has some amount of life in it.

Now that everything is together you can proceed with your auto mechanic task of learning how to jumpstart your engine. Once you are done testing it and everything is working properly, pull out your battery and plug the positive terminals back into the battery. Use your power remote to start your engine. If it works, your problem was probably in the ignition or the starter.

It may take a few times of using your power remote to start your vehicle if your jumpstarter doesn’t work the first time. If this is the case, check your headlights to make sure that they are in good working order. Also make sure that the batteries are charged and are full before you try to start your vehicle.

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