Four Easy Auto Maintenance Tips for Winter Driving

Here are 5 basic auto maintenance tips you shouldn’t forget about this coming winter season:

Engine Oil. Changing your fuel filter and engine oil in the middle of winter is a good idea. Also, purchasing the best tires for winter riding are also important, especially for drivers who’re going to come across snow and the ice. Any auto shop can perform engine oil changes for your vehicle, so don’t be afraid to trust a shop with your auto maintenance needs. However, you will want to pay close attention to the price of the oil change versus the cost of auto repair services.

Tires and Wheels. These auto maintenance tips for winter also include changing your winter tires, as well as warming up your vehicle’s brake pads and clutch. Always call an auto repair service before performing any of these maintenance tasks, as they may not be safe if performed by yourself. If you change your tires and wheels on a cold night, it’s possible that your brakes may not work properly as well.

Brakes. Warming up your brake pads and clutch is a good idea, as well. This is especially true during the first few days of winter. Even if your tires are warm, if you haven’t taken them out yet, wait until you get into your auto shop and have them worked on; then, you can properly go about warming up those brakes. However, if your tires have warmed up, it’s not a good idea to drive your car on the snow – chances are, your tires will not handle the extra temperature well.

Oils and Greases. One thing that many people forget to do with their vehicles in the winter is to change their oil and their filters. Not only is it important for these oils and filters to be changed, but their mileage can be affected as well. When you change your oil, it’s a good idea to go to a reliable auto repair shop where you can have it done right. Auto repair shops have the tools and experience necessary to fill and change the correct filter. Changing the oil is also important to keep the engine’s engine balanced, so it’s a good idea to have the auto maintenance done as soon as possible, rather than waiting until the cold weather hits.

Driving Experience and Vision. It’s very easy to forget about the weather while driving in the cold weather, so it’s important to make sure your eyes are working properly and that your hearing is clear. If you need your ears to work harder, you can purchase tinted lenses to protect your eyes and your hearing from the glare of the snow and sun. If you need better vision while driving in the snow, you might consider buying a pair of tinted glasses or just a pair of polarized sunglasses. You’ll get a better vision behind the wheel and will save yourself some trouble and frustration in the long run.

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